Setting Up a Blog is Easy & Hard!

So I’ve been working on this blog/website, and am having a bit of trouble to be honest. It’s probably my fault, as I never tend to do things the easy way!

Most people probably set up a little blog to share their thoughts on stuff. Easy enough right?!? Establish a blog name, sign up for a site, choose a theme, and start typing. This is the easy part!

But why do things the easy way??? THIS site is both a blog, a place for articles, and a place of commerce offering physical products as well as download digital products…or at least that’s what I’m attempting.

I’m also discovering that there is quite a learning curve in some of this! Apparently there is a difference in and…but you have to have an account with one of them to start a blog. Then you have to have a hosting account to actually get your blog online. Then you have to set up an account for the e-commerce. Then you have to have an account for some of the different “plug-ins” and “widgets.” Then you realize that only certain ones of all of these are only compatible with certain ones of some of these.

After sifting through all of this, hoping you have it all set up correctly, you then have to figure out how to actually use it and integrate it all together. Pages, posts, and downloads…subscriptions, emails, contacts…funnels, products, channels…but wait, there’s more!!! GRRRRRR!!!

I’ve also read that it’s good to set up on YouTube, and Facebook, and Instagram…and Pinterest…and Twitter…huh? And you don’t want to mix all of this with your personal stuff. So you get to create brand new profiles. Now, some applications let you toggle back and forth between your accounts, while others require you to fully log off of one account to log into another. So you need to remember your log in ID’s and your passwords. (And I thought I was just setting up a blog!!! HA!)

However, one thing I know to be true…if it were easy, everybody would be doing it! Or maybe it is easy, and the new guy who is behind on the learning curve is just playing catch up. One option that I’ve discovered to be helpful is a website called On that site you can list WHATEVER project you are working on and hire a freelancer to help out! You will receive multiple bids based upon the type of work and the experience level of the different freelancers. Odds are I’ll have one of them help me out eventually, but for now I’m still learning (and ultimately too cheap to pay someone). As previously mentioned, I’m the kind of guy who sees someone else do it and thinks, “I can do that!” Call it tenacity, stubbornness, or pride…but when others are willing to give up, you have to keep pressing forward…

…unless the bridge is out!

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