How to EASILY make $53/hr from HOME

Are you someone who likes to work with your hands?  
If “Yes” then this is a FANTASTIC way to make $53/hr from home!
If “No” then this is a FANTASTIC way to make $53/hr from home! 😉

As always, I saw an idea and thought “I can do that!”  I was watching a YouTube video about how to make leather belts.  I saw this fella strip off a piece of leather from a hide, smooth down the edges, punch a few holes, add a buckle….and VOILA, he had a belt!!! AMAZING!

Now, I had never worked with leather…but why should that stop me.  I watched a few more videos on YouTube, read some product reviews, ordered my materials, and in no time at all, I had made my very own leather belt!  A REAL, FULL-GRAIN, 100% LEATHER BELT!!

It was SUPER easy!!!  The first one took me about two hours, the second one about half that time.  Then I streamlined the process and now I can make a quality leather belt in about 30 minutes.  (If you’d like to order one, you can do so here.) I sell these for $35/ea.  They’re easy to make, look great, and can be produced on your kitchen table.  

Here are the materials you need to make a custom, brown belt:

  • A hide of leather (for belts it is best to use a 7-9oz hide) – Currently $44.99 at (I recommend purchasing a hide vs purchasing individual leather strips.  It brings your price point down making the initial cost of each belt cheaper.  However, if you’d rather start with a single strip, you can purchase one HERE for only $11.98)
  •  A leather strip cutter – Currently $18.99 + free shipping.  This things is great for stripping belts of multiple widths.  I usually strip a belt at 1.25″.  Some people prefer their belts to be 1.5″.
  • A 1.25″ roller belt buckle – Currently $3.99/ea.  This particular buckle fits well with the 1.25″ wide belt.  I prefer the nickel plated buckle, but you might like the brass.
  • A set of leather hole punches – Currently $12.99/set.  This is the set that I use.  They work great for making belts.  Punches are needed to create holes for rivets.
  • A set of leather end punches – Currently $32.99/set.  These are great for finishing off the end of a belt.  It is possible to just do this with a utility knife, and that would be the cheaper option if you’re just starting out.  However, if you have the means, getting these will help out.
  • Rivets & rivet setter – Currently $12.29/set.  This is a good starter set.  This is the set I started with and have made all sorts of leather projects with them.  For belts, rivets are used on belts to hold the buckle on, as well as the belt keeper.  
  • Skiver – Currently $11.99/ea.  This tool is needed to “shave” the leather thickness down at the buckle area to make it less bulky.
  • Neatsfoot Oil – Currently $9.56/8oz. This oil is used to both darken and condition the belt.  The more coats you apply, the darker the belt gets.
  • Wool daubers – Currently $7.99/100 count. These are not necessary, but extremely helpful in applying the Neatsfoot oil.  I would highly recommend these.
  • Wood slicker – Currently $1.99/ea. This is a tool to burnish the edges giving them a more finished look.  
  • Belt hole template (optional) – Currently $8.99/ea.  This tool is optional, but good for figuring out your hold spacing for your rivet holes, your buckle and your belt adjustment holes.  Again, not needed, but helpful.  Another option would be to take an old belt and use it as a guide.

You might be looking at this list of materials and thinking “I DON’T WANT TO SPEND $150!!!!”  I had the exact same thought!  I wondered what would happen if I couldn’t make a single belt and then lost all that money.  I don’t have $150 to lose!  I’m sure you don’t have $150 to lose! 

But a time comes when you have to at least try something!

Sure, you could lose $150 (not really, as your materials still have re-sell value.)  Or you could lose out on the opportunity to make much more than that!  

Most of the initial costs of making belts is acquiring the tools needed to get the job done.  Your initial cost of $150 results in the ability to make 9-10 belts (you will need to purchase more buckles.)  You would need to sell 4 belts to get your money back, leaving the other 5-6 belts to be pure profit! 

Your initial belt cost is $150 for tools and materials.  This enables you to make 9-10 belts, resulting in YOUR COST per belt to be approx. $15/ea.
                                $35 Sales Price – $15 Cost = $20 Profit/Belt
                          (10 belts @ $20 profit/ea = $200 cash in hand!!!)

However, your second run of belts only requires you to purchase materials, as you’d already have the tools.  Your cost for materials would only be $44.99 for the leather and $3.99 for each buckle.  So, for 10 belts your TOTAL cost is only $84.89, resulting in YOUR COST per belt to be approx. $8.50/ea.
                            $35 Sales Price – $8.50 Cost = $26.50 Profit/Belt
                         (10 belts @ $26.50 profit/ea = $265 cash in hand!!!)

If each belt only takes you 30 minutes, then you could spend 5 hours a week producing 10 belts, earning you a profit of $265!  

You would be making $53/hr!

($265 profit/5 hours work = $53/hr)

But having a product made is much different than actually selling a product. And let’s face it, you’re probably not planning on opening your own leather shop. So, how do you actually sell these belts from home? Check out our FREE eGuide for step-by-step instructions to selling your belts in 4 minutes!

Remember, the goal at the end of the day is having cash in hand.  All it takes is giving it a shot.  I had ZERO skills in leather-work!  And now, I’m selling AWESOME belts online!!  HA! So whether you like working with your hands or not, this is a fantastic way for you to MAKE AN EXTRA DOLLAR from home!

Order the materials TODAY, download our picture-filled, step-by-step Guide “HOW TO MAKE A QUALITY BROWN LEATHER BELT” for only $6.50, and be on your way to generating some income with a pretty solid side hustle!  


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