So life can be kinda difficult at times, right?!?! Bills pile up, unexpected expenses hit hard, you lose a job, the mini-van needs new tires, your accident prone child breaks her arm, your other accident prone child puts a hole in the wall…IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING!!! However, I’ve learned that every difficulty provides you with an opportunity. I assume you’re here because you could use an opportunity to make an extra dollar or two. The problem is, nobody just gives those away. (Or if they do, I haven’t found them!!!) It’s up to you and me to make an extra dollar.

This site has been born out of my NUMEROUS attempts at just that, seeking to make an extra dollar! Some things I’ve tried have been home-runs, while other things have been total flops.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried all sorts of things. And possibly just like you, I started by googling “how to make an extra dollar” or something like “how to make money from home.” The problem I discovered is that almost every suggestion is either a horrible “pain in the rump,” requiring you to learn some new program or purchase some new equipment…or it is a suggestion on how to leave your current job and start some brand new thing you have absolutely no desire for. I just wanted to make an extra $300-$400 per month with very little needed from me. Is that too much to ask! 😉

So, I set out to make an extra dollar for my family. I didn’t use the conventional internet search results, like filling out surveys (though I tried it…and hated it) or becoming a secret shopper (yep, tried that one too…not a fan!). I got creative, broke the mold, and tried to carve my own way. And truthfully, I loved it!!! I looked for obscure opportunities to make an extra dollar. I tried to perfect what many call “the side hustle.” And right now, on top of being a student pastor as my main focus and occupation, I have seven different ‘dollar-making’ irons in the fire…and more on the horizon!! (Btw, I have an extremely patient wife!!!)

Whether you’re looking to borrowing a few of my ideas, or just want to keep up to speed on my latest endeavor (and trust me, I’ve always got something in the pipe!), I THANK YOU for stopping by and I hope that my struggles will be a blessing and an encouragement to you!

Keep your eyes open for my upcoming eBook
“How to Make $300-$400 a Month EASY!!!”

For His Glory Alone,
Husband, Dad, Student Pastor, Side-Hustler,
Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Big Thinker, Calculated-Risk Taker

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me,
if only I may finish the race and compete the task the Lord Jesus has given me
– the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace” – Acts 20:24