4 Truths About Side Hustles

1. Side Hustles Offer Freedom

In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder.com in 2017, results showed that approximately 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck.  This means that it is almost impossible for 4 out of 5 people to ever leave their job, unless already having something else line up and confirmed.    

As an example of one of these millions of people, I spoke earlier this week with a very helpful technician named Nick, who led me to resolve an issue regarding the email associated with this site.  In our conversation, he shared that he too was one of those individuals who lived paycheck-to-paycheck.  He added that my ability to spend most of my days at home with my wife and kids is a rare opportunity, and he wished he had my life.  What Nick didn’t see was the constant side hustling that I’ve done and continue to do in order to have the freedom that I have.  I don’t know Nick personally, but he seemed like a normal, intelligent, polite member of society.  So I’ll use Nick as an example (with his given permission) because he, like ANYBODY, is only a few years away from being able to transition from a paycheck-to-paycheck existence toward making your own schedule…it just takes alot of hustling!  Guys like Nick have skills that guys like me need, and are willing to pay for on sites like UpWork.com.  In no time you’re earning an extra $500, $1000,  or possibly $5000 a month.  Tell me that wouldn’t give you a little extra freedom!

Leveraging your skills, talents, passions, and abilities with a quality side hustle (or two) can provide ANYBODY the freedom to make their own schedule!

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