Idea #1: Starting a Blog…

As evidence of me sitting here typing, it is clear that this blogging thing might be a way to make an extra dollar. I’ve read enough articles that have given this suggestion, so I thought, “Why not!?!”

Truthfully, I can think of plenty of reasons why NOT to start a blog!!!  Here are a few of MY obstacles:

  1. I don’t know ANYTHING about how to set up a blog!!! (I had to have a tech guy explain to me how to get a domain and what hosting was and what platform people usually use.)
  2. I see other bloggers with years and years of writing materials on their sites, and I’m not sure I really have that much to say!
  3. Even if I have enough content, let’s be honest, is it really worth reading?

Those were just a few of my hesitations, but then I thought, “It’s me!  If someone else can do it, why not give it a try!” (My wife especially loves it when I say, ‘Hey babe, I have an idea!’ There is usually a long sigh that follows.)  Are you the type of person who sees something someone else is doing and typically responds with, “I can do that”?  Or do you see someone building something and think, “I can build that”?  Yep, I’m that guy!

 Who knows if there is any real basis for my abundance of optimism, but I figure why not!  I’m the kind of guy who remodels an entire house (having no previous experience at all) using only three books from Home Depot: Home Improvement 1-2-3Plumbing 1-2-3, Wiring 1-2-3. (*Please don’t remodel your house with no experience!)  

But it’s that “go-out-and-get-it attitude” that helps make an extra dollar for my family!  It’s that same attitude that says, “Blogging, huh…sure, why not!”  Could this be an epic fail? ABSOLUTELY!!!  But you have to at least try, right?!?

And that is why you’re here! 

I wish I could tell you that starting a blog is easy and you’ll easily make a few extra hundred bucks a month.  Truthfully, I have no clue!!!  This is only Day #1 for me. But others have done it and are doing it.  Again, all it takes is seeing what someone else is doing and saying, “I can do that.”

Here are a few places to start, if you decide to give this blogging thing a try:

So, how about it???
Are you ready to jump in with me and give this blogging thing a try?
If so, you can use 
WordPress (<–click here)  as your platform and 
DreamHost (<–click here) as your web hosting site

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